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Why Omni

Our Philosophy

Omni comes from the Latin prefix for all, which perfectly describes both the philosophy, and the service, of our practice.

We provide a comprehensive range of dental services, including preventative, restorative, pediatric, cosmetic and implant dentistry, root canal therapy, Invisalign, full mouth rehabilitation, and more.

At Omni Dental, we do it all — for patients of all ages, and all walks of life.

Our Office

For many people, the ideas of “dentist” and “comfort” are contradictory.  At Omni Dental, they’re complementary.

Dr. Hanlon and his team ensure your peace of mind in one simple but important way — we listen.  We meet your needs, hear your concerns, answer your questions, and welcome your comments.  You’re always in control of your dental care; treatment starts, and stops, when you say so.

Because your comfort is always Dr. Hanlon’s top priority, we offer:

  • Massaging, Heated Dental Chairs
  • Netflix available upon request on mounted TV's
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages, including a Keurig coffee maker
  • Magazines (feel free to take one home if you’re enjoying it. Really!)
  • Soothing essential oil diffuser in the reception area. Have a favorite essential oil? Go ahead, make a request!
  • Weighted blankets, tablets, pillows, sunglasses, and headphones available during treatment
  • Free Wi-Fi

At Omni Dental, we do it all — for you.

Our Mission

  • To assemble a team of highly-skilled, mindful, and caring professionals dedicated to helping others;
  • To deliver exceptional dentistry that has a dramatic, positive impact on our patient’s lives;
  • To provide an unparalleled experience that leaves our patients driven to share their encounter with others;
  • To create a culture where team members feel valued, are engaged in their work, and are motivated by the collective benefit of our patients and each other;
  • To invest in ourselves through lifelong continuing education, and in our practice through investments in technology;
  • To share all of our successes, both economically and emotionally, with our team and with the communities we serve.

Our Spirit

Meraki [may-rah-kee; modern Greek]

Doing something with such enthusiasm, soul, and love, that a piece of yourself remains in your work.

Meraki is the heart of all we do, and deliver, at Omni Dental.

Office Tour

What Our Patients Say About Us


Keeping up with technology isn’t just trendy; it's vital to your health and comfort. The latest in dental technology helps us conclude procedures faster, with more accuracy and less pain. High-tech instruments and processes also produce less waste, which provides a benefit to the entire planet. Here are some examples of how we use cutting-edge technology at Omni Dental.

Cone Beam Technology

Dental cone beam CT scanners produce a three-dimensional image of your jaws and surrounding anatomy. This imaging is invaluable for the purposes of placing dental implants. It creates three-dimensional images (called “volumes") in exquisite detail, which allow Dr. Hanlon to accurately and effectively place implants. If necessary, this technology can be used to create 3D-printed implant guides for an even greater level of precision.

Although conventional medical CT scans use a relatively large amount of radiation, our dental cone beam CT scanner delivers a much lower dose for your safety and long-term health.


Painless Injections!

Injection of conventional local anesthesia can be uncomfortable. This isn’t ideal, since the purpose of anesthesia is to prevent pain! At Omni Dental, we use buffered anesthesia to help eliminate this problem. As compared to conventional anesthesia, buffered anesthesia has a pH much closer to that of the your body, so the burning sensation during injection is greatly reduced. Even better: since it starts out closer to the body’s natural pH, buffered anesthesia begins to work faster and is more effective!


Digital Impressions

If you’ve ever had impressions taken of your teeth, you know it can be unpleasant. No one wants foul-tasting, messy goop filling their mouth. Now, there's a better alternative that eliminates the need for any physical material.

We’re thrilled to introduce our iTero® Element intrarol scanner. An Omni Dental team member uses the iTero®’s wand to capture the surfaces of your teeth, taking thousands of pictures per second. The computer system then assembles these photos into a complete 3D image in real time.

Interested in Invisalign®? Receive a complimentary full-mouth scan from our iTero®, and you can watch a video simulation of how the clear aligners will straighten your teeth.

Digital impressions are fast, pleasant and clean. On top of that, they’re actually more accurate than traditional physical impressions. That means you get better fitting crowns with fewer remakes, all with increased comfort.