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White Fillings And Its Advantages

You may accomplish this goal in some ways, one of which is by replacing your amalgam fillings with white fillings. For many years, amalgam has been the material of choice for dental fillings due to its speed, ease of use, and effectiveness. But the matter is that white fillings composite performs a far better job nowadays. In addition to the fact that white fillings look so much better and don't show your dental history to the world when you laugh. For various reasons, tooth-colored fillings have taken over as the restoration of choice.

Your Teeth Will Be Stronger If you Have White Fillings

When we put in amalgam fillings, we need to remove more of the good tooth material than when we put in other types of fillings. Because amalgam cannot form a connection with the tooth, it creates strains on the thinner tooth shell. These forces may, in time, cause the tooth shell to shatter. When using white fillings, all that has to be done is to remove the rotten material. Because of this, and the filling is bonded to the tooth, there is significantly more of your natural tooth left in situ, which makes it stronger and better able to withstand the everyday stresses and strains of chewing and biting.

It is More Difficult for White Fillings to Decay than other Hues

Amalgam can't form bonds with the natural tooth material in your mouth. Because of this, when we place an amalgam filling in your tooth, it does not establish a seal. There will always be a little space between the filling and your tooth, allowing bacteria to enter and create additional damage. White fillings connect with your teeth, creating a barrier that stops germs from entering your mouth and doing more damage

Better Chewing

Fillings made of amalgam cannot be molded into any form. They are positioned in an even layer inside the tooth. Fillings made of white composite material are allowed to harden before being reshaped to mimic the natural shapes of your teeth. This results in a much-improved surface for chewing. Your teeth will experience less stress as a result of this.

Reduced Sensitivity Risk

Metal is faster at transferring heat than composite resin. Patients benefit from this property since it reduces their discomfort when consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. Drinking hot tea or consuming ice cream might be dangerous for persons who have silver amalgam fillings. Fillings made of white material protect your teeth from temperature changes.


White fillings treatments are also more secure. Over time, metals in the tongue and circulation may seep into the body. Mercury, a recognized poison, is included in silver amalgam. A white filling is nontoxic, biocompatible, and free of toxic metals and poisons.


Temperature changes have little effect on the expansion or contraction of white fillings. Temperature changes cause silver amalgam fillings to expand and compress. Temperature variations can wear down and destroy the tooth structure nearby.

Results That Look Real

Cosmetically, white fillings are a great choice. Dental bonding, a common practice in aesthetic dentistry, also utilizes composite resin. The color of white fillings may be matched to the surrounding tooth structure via shade matching.

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