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What Are The Steps Of A Dental Crown Procedure?

You may require a dental crown for several reasons. You could have badly stained them, cracked them, might have had a root canal or your tooth could have a large filling. You might require a crown for other cosmetic reasons as well. Our dentists at Omni Dental have provided all the steps of a dental crown procedure in this blog for better understanding.

What Are The Steps Of A Dental Crown Procedure?

In this section, your favorite McMurray dentist has listed all the steps that are required to place your dental crowns.

Initial Appointment

You can conclude that you require a dental crown procedure on your own. You must first consult with your dentist in McMurray who will carefully investigate your oral health condition and determine whether you require a dental crown. The initial consultation normally involves a review of your dental health record and current conditions.

Numbing The Area

The first stage in the procedure is to numb the affected tooth. This involves numbing the affected tooth and its surrounding tissues with a general/local anesthetic. This is because the dental tool may come quite close to the gum tissues.

Taking Initial Impressions

Following the numbing stage, exact models of your maxillary and mandibular arches are needed to make your dental crown in the lab. This is required to accomplish a perfect dental crown for you. 

Preparing The Teeth

This is one of the most important aspects of the dental crown procedure. The dental crown is similar to a natural tooth, but it has a space inside it, similar to a dental cap, and must be fitted over the affected tooth. Thus, the affected tooth must be properly adjusted and shaped for the permanent dental crown to fit comfortably. A portion of the affected tooth must be filed down or reduced for the dental crown to fit nicely and firmly on top. This requires tooth preparation. Your McMurray dentist would put a rubber dam over the affected teeth after sedating them to prevent water, saliva, tooth structure, and filling materials from falling into your oral cavity. An exact amount of the affected tooth and filling material is eliminated for the dental crown during tooth preparation. In addition, any tooth decay discovered is removed, and a composite core could be placed on the affected tooth. After the decay has been removed and the core has been completed, an adequate portion of the tooth and filling is removed. This is the most important step, and it takes the most amount of time to finish.

Taking The Final Impression

After tooth preparation, another impression is required since even the smallest error in the dental crown mars the entire procedure. Hence the best way to avoid a poorly-fitted crown is to avoid any fault in the impression. Your dentist in McMurray uses the polyvinyl siloxane material for taking the impression. The material is placed in the impression tray, and the patient is instructed to bite down. Multiple impressions may be taken by the dental care professional to obtain a completely accurate impression. After this, your crown is made and inserted into the oral cavity.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand everything you need to know about the dental crown procedure. Get in touch with us at Omni Dental for the best dental crowns in McMurray, PA.