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Joe Before/AfterAs luck would have it, I found Dr. Hanlon’s office through my dental insurance’s on-line directory and what a life-changer it was for me. I had been grinding my teeth my entire life and it had taken a heavy toll with chipped teeth, root canals and a varying quality and color of crowns.

After reviewing my case, Dr. Hanlon thoroughly explained my treatment options to me. I chose the most ideal option; to have my teeth restored to the smile of my youth, before I had ground them down. I was nervous to see how everything was going to turn out, but I could not have been happier with the final outcome. My bite feels perfect, my teeth are no longer chipped and stained and, most noticeably, they have a uniformity of size, shape and color. I finally have my smile back!

This confidence inspired me to shape up the rest of my life; I lost 50 pounds in the months following the procedure. What I thought was just going to be a smile upgrade ended up giving me a whole new outlook on life and a body transformation to follow. Now, I am smiling and have learned it’s true that when you smile the world smiles back at you! Thank you is not enough Dr. Hanlon,

– Joseph J. Rattay, Ben Avon Heights, PA

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"First off I would like to say thank you to Dr. Hanlon for doing an awesome job on my teeth. I had my top row of teeth all crowned due to excessive decay and sensitivity issues.

The procedure started and ended with a breeze. My favorite part about it was that he took my pain seriously, stopping immediately to provide me with more numbing as necessary. Dr. Hanlon constantly asked if I was okay throughout the entire procedure. He was always making sure I was not feeling any pain or uncomfortable in any way. The work he did is phenomenal. Dr. Hanlon even took the time to reach out to me after the procedure to ensure that I was doing well. I can’t thank him enough.

Furthermore, Dr. Hanlon always greets you with a friendly smile and takes an interest in your life outside of the office. He takes his professionalism seriously and will provide you his best recommendations. With any procedure you take on, his goal is to make it as comfortable and painless as possible. He takes pride in what he does.

Again, I want to thank Dr. Hanlon for his excellent work and amazing accommodations he provides my family and I every time we are in his office. Dr. Hanlon definitely gets our highest recommendation!!!! "
- Jamie Smith

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Omni Dental

4.9 out of 5 stars

James Malone
James Malone

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

As always, I enjoyed a great cleaning today.. It's very easy visiting this office as the staff is truly engaging and enjoy their jobs and it shows. They take their time explaining important details and wade right along side you through the insurance maze that really shouldn't be as hard as it at times. It's always a pleasure getting my check ups here!

Deb Meteney
Deb Meteney

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

I highly recommend Omni Dental! I had to have my teeth straightened and a bridge done afterward. Dr. Hanlon is the best. He is so gentle and attentive to his patients especially paying attention to one's concerns. He takes his time, very detailed and does a fantastic job. My bridge is very attractive and a great match to my own teeth. His dental assistant Mary is also wonderful! His entire staff is welcoming too. Sarah and the group make you feel at home every time!...It feels like home away from home! Deb M.

Lisa Varner
Lisa Varner

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 days ago

Great office, friendly staff! I had a fantastic cleaning by Emily and can’t wait to see her again in February! Extremely competent and thorough with a great chair side manner.