Porcelain Crowns

It’s not uncommon to have a tooth (or teeth) suffer from extensive trauma or decay. These injuries may include wear, cavities, a root canal, chipping, or even a crack. In these cases, many patients believe that an extraction may be their only option, but this is not necessarily the case.

A dental crown can provide much-needed stability to a tooth that is seriously damaged or decayed. In fact, a crown is an appropriate tooth preservation option in many cases. The crown fits over your injured tooth, securing it and protecting it from additional damage.

At Omni Dental, Dr. Justin Hanlon uses cutting-edge porcelain materials to make crowns that not only appear completely natural but are also extremely strong. These crowns are custom-shaped and shaded to match your natural teeth. And they simply look great. You’ll be impressed by both the durability and cosmetics of your new porcelain crown.

Crowns Before After