Dental Implants

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In the past, patients who were missing teeth had limited choices. Partial dentures could be an option, but they can be clunky, lack esthetics, and typically apply traumatic forces to remaining teeth. Bridges, though a superior option to partial dentures, still require the removal of healthy tooth structure. Now, there’s a superior solution – dental implants.

Dental implants are permanent, fixed prosthetic teeth that are anchored to your bone (ie. replacement roots). They’re a long-term solution, they’re not removable, and they produce excellent cosmetic results. Dental implants are typically the most ideal treatment option when replacing missing teeth, because they most closely replicate nature.

The Dental Implant Process

Missing Upper Teeth Before/After

If you and Dr. Hanlon decide together that dental implants are right for you, he will first scan your jaws using our cone beam CT scanner. This allows him to visualize your bone in three-dimensions, so your implant can be placed with the utmost precision. After placement, sufficient time is allotted to allow the implant to integrate (become part of the body). Once fully integrated, digital impression scans are taken to create a custom, esthetic, all-porcelain crown that intimately fits with the implant and surrounding teeth.

Your new implant will be easy to care for, appear completely natural, and can last your entire lifetime. If for some reason you would need a new crown in the future, it can be achieved without replacing the implant itself. To receive answers to your questions about dental implants, speak to a friendly team member at Omni Dental today.

For information regarding full mouth implant options, view our implant-supported dentures page.

Why Replacing Teeth Is So Important

Your teeth work together as a single unit. When one tooth goes, immediate shifting begins, which damages neighboring teeth. For this reason, it’s important to replace any missing teeth to retain the overall integrity of your mouth.  Click here to learn more about why tooth replacement is so important if you are serious about your dental health.