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How Long Do White Fillings Last?

A broken tooth is unfortunate but ignoring it is even worse. People with broken teeth often look for suitable solutions to help them effectively restore the tooth shape. In such situations, a white filling is the best solution. But ever wondered how long they last on your teeth? Know more about the longevity of white fillings.

How Often Should A White Filling Be Replaced?

White fillings are tooth-colored fillings that people often use to restore their teeth. It is usually made from a mixture of plastic particles and fine glass. Usually, you need to replace your white filling every 10 years. White fillings are customized to match your enamel. It then blends with your smile and is very durable.  

How Long Does A White Filling Last On A Tooth?

Most dentists have shown that white fillings last for over 10-12 years among healthy patients. It is based on the type of composite fillings and advancements in filling manufacturing. Once you get a white filling done, it is imperative that you have to improve your oral health based on these dental procedures. White fillings only last longer if your overall dental health is satisfactory. Location is a crucial factor in how long a white filling will last. Fillings in back teeth (molars) typically last longer than front teeth because they're not subject to the same wear and tear.

Use A Natural Solution For Cavities With White Fillings 

You can restore your teeth in the long run with the proper care. But tooth decay hinders your teeth's long-term growth largely. Over 92% of adults lost a permanent tooth because of tooth decay, although cavities are preventable. In these situations, most dentists tend to suggest dental fillings. It is mainly of two types- metal and white filling. Metal fillings are one of the traditional ways of dental filling, which is mainly made from amalgam. However, people now prefer white filling, which is customized to match your enamel. White fillings are biocompatible, which reduces the risk of mercury exposure. With a white filling, you can protect your teeth more effectively, blending with your natural color. 

How Much Does White Fillings Cost? 

One of the primary purposes of white dental filling is to have your teeth restored. Most of the composite fillings are made from resin, designed to match your tooth enamel. The estimated cost of having white filling ranges between $150 to $300 for 1–2 teeth. It costs around $200 to $550 for three or more teeth. 

Pros And Cons Of White Filling 


  • White fillings are customized for you so that it matches your teeth' color. 
  • It gets attached to the tooth, making it suitable for people with broken teeth. 
  • It helps in restoring the tooth shape vastly, unlike metal or silver fillings.
  • Having white fillings gives you a natural appearance.


  • Sometimes, white fillings increase your chances of cavities under the filling, leading to recurrent decay.
  • In comparison to metal or silver filling, a white filling is slightly expensive.

The Bottom Line 

In general, however, white fillings can last for many years. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so it's essential to keep it looking the best. That's why many people choose white fillings to restore their teeth. It is vital to get the shite filling done at the right time to avoid any mishaps in the future.