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Common Signs of Root Canal Infection

A root canal infection is a serious oral condition. It happens when bacteria occupy the inner chamber of the teeth due to untreated dental decay. Patients with a root canal infection should pursue treatment promptly because the infection can spread quickly.

Once the bacteria attack the soft pulp material of the interior layer of the tooth the infection becomes serious. The dentist performs a Root canal therapy to clean the infected pulp and restore the tooth.

But before that you need to be familiar with the signs of root canal infection. This article focuses mainly on the warning signs of the condition.

Warning signs

1. Pain

Severe pain is the main sign that drives people to seek dental care when facing root canal infection. The pain increases when you bite down or place pressure on the affected tooth. Additionally, you may experience tooth sensitivity when you consume hot or cold food and drinks.

The pain can also develop from inflammation of the gums. The swelling leads the gum to turn red and tender. 

2. Tooth darkening

When the inner layer of the tooth is infected, the tooth may become brown or yellow. When the infection reaches the pulp tissues, they convert to dark brown, and that alters the tooth color. 

During the root canal process, the dying or necrotic pulp material gets extracted. Then your dentist puts tooth filling.

3. Dental abscess

Dental abscess arises when the bacteria and dying pulp material create deep pockets. And it is full of pus. This causes severe unease and bad breath. It is visible through an enlarged or persistent red bump or pimple on the gum. A foul-smelling liquid may also start to leak out of the abscess.

A Periodontist drains out the painful abscess and cleans the area during the root canal procedure.

4. Chronic bad breath

Patients suffering from root canal infection generally have chronic bad breath. If the bad breath is persistent despite brushing, and flossing then an infection is probably present.

The bacteria responsible for a root canal infection often give off an odor. This results in bad breath and a bitter taste in the mouth. 

5. Gum Area Is Swollen

Swollen gums are a symbol of problems beneath the surface. If your gums are painful and swollen or have a raised bump, your dentist examines the swollen gums. 

In some cases, a root canal needs to solve the issue of inflamed gums if they don’t improve.

Get Help Today!

Don’t worry, if you suspect that you have a root canal infection as that can be resolved with a root canal procedure. 

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