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All You Need To Know About Bone Resorption And Denture Placement

Can You Get A Denture With Bone Resorption? For the most part, the answer is "yes." However, the denture or operations necessary may vary significantly from patient to person. Your oral health is essential, so make an appointment with one of our dentists in McMurray, PA.

Bone growth and healing in your jawbone depend on continual stimulation from your teeth. Your jaw will certainly shorten over time if you don't have your natural teeth. Visit Our Omni Dental McMurrey clinic for the best denture service in the area.

Bone resorption is the medical term for this process. Our dentists in Omni Dental McMurray, PA, will evaluate your dental health to decide which denture package is appropriate for you, depending on your jaw structure. Let's look at bone resorption and what kind of denture you may want to try.

You begin to lose bone in your jaw region where you are missing teeth because your body thinks it no longer needs that area of bone.

Bone Resorption is the Medical Term for This Process

Your jaw may grow weak for lengthy periods without treatment, making it harder to place implants or find the proper fit. Because of the increased frequency of denture realignments and the need for new prosthetics due to bone resorption, it's essential to keep an eye on this condition.

Bone resorption may be halted, which is encouraging news. A good denture choice may help stimulate your jawbone and lengthen the functional life of dentures by working with your denturist.

Appointment With Our Dentist In Omni Dental 

For best results, schedule an appointment with Omni Dental in McMurray, PA as soon as possible. Like many other health conditions, the sooner you treat it, the more manageable it will be to deal with.

Dentures are typically the best choice for people who have lost all teeth. You've convinced your body that it needs to maintain the strength of your jawbone by installing anchor points into it. You're considerably less likely to have pain or slippage with your dentures if they're attached to these posts.

Over time, patients who have lost all of their teeth should choose dentures over implants because they need more minor modifications and are more stable, enabling them to eat a wider variety and worry less about their dentures falling loose.

Lower Suction Dentures (LSD)

This is one of the most recent developments in the denture market: lower suction dentures. Suction-based dentures are an appealing alternative for people who want to skip the recovery period associated with surgically placed implants.

Lower suction dentures are an excellent alternative to dental implants for people who don't want to undergo surgery.

In this case, you should be aware that, depending on how long you have been without teeth, your jawbone may need more support than lower suction dentures can provide. Visit Omni Dental McMurray, for Pittsburgh's best denture services.