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Find Out The Benefits Of White Fillings!

Most of us are familiar with teeth filling as we might have done once or twice at some point in time. For most of us, metal fillings have caused so much discomfort as they can be a sore to the eyes not only for us but also for those who see us. Here is where the importance of white fillings comes into play. Even though there are many types of dental fillings available, tooth-colored white fillings have become a favorite for many. A person who has undergone white fillings can laugh or speak without exposing the filling color. The demand for white fillings has grown considerably in recent years. 

White fillings usually consist of a mixture made up of plastic and glass. It is also a preferred option for restoring teeth that have decayed. The cosmetic appearance of white fillings makes the person feel more comfortable since the white fillings merge with the surrounding teeth and makes the smile look better and more beautiful. 

Advantages of White Fillings

One of the main advantages of white fillings is its visually appealing appearance. Because of its white colour, it is usually invisible for others and the colour matches well with the natural colour of the individual’s teeth compared to a silver filling. It is also cheaper compared to other dental filling techniques. It also bonds to the tooth and prevents the tooth from further decay or breakage. A single appointment is only needed for white fillings and most of the patients have also seen a significant reduction in the teeth sensitivity to hot or cold with white fillings. It is desirable to prefer dental fillings as soon as you experience tooth decay. You should ensure that certain foods that cause tooth decay are avoided

Things to consider before White Fillings

White fillings are a time-consuming process compared to an amalgam filling. Even though it is durable, it is not as durable as a metal filling. It is not easy to maintain and requires more caring from the individual while brushing and flossing. Depending on the amount of tooth decay you had, the dentist may advise you to prefer other dental filling techniques rather than white filling since it may not be strong enough.  


White fillings are usually performed in a single appointment. Upon preparation of the teeth, the cavities are then filled with layers of composite by the dentist. Once the fillings are placed within the teeth, the dentist will start shaping the teeth to match the bite of the teeth. Finally, the teeth will be polished as a means to enhance their appearance. 


The pricing of white fillings may vary. However, it is expensive compared to amalgam fillings. At the same time, it is a cheaper alternative compared to gold fillings. 

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